French Connection

by Phillip Collier

December 23, 2014


While my daughter Riki was living and teaching in France in 2013, I sent several pieces of Mignon Faget jewelry to Normandy with her photographer boyfriend, Jamey Shaw. The concept was for her to be photographed wearing the jewelry in some Parisian locations. While in Europe, Jamey and Riki had made friends with an American makeup artist that agreed to meet them in Paris for a photo shoot in exchange for being able to use the photos in his portfolio. With limited wardrobe, long distance sketchy art direction from me, and only one afternoon to complete the shoot, the three set out crisscrossing the city using famous locations such as the Notre Dame, the Seine River, and the Pont Neuf as their backdrops.  The photos and layouts shown here were from a proposed brochure, that alas, was never produced. But the happy ending was that I used the same concept in this year’s Mignon Faget catalog – using Jamey as the fashion photographer, Riki as the primary model, and substituting New Orleans for Paris as a location. (See FAMILY AFFAIR blog below)